Friday, April 18, 2008

Mr. Spock Makes Perfectly Logical Argument for “Kiddie Porn”

San Francisco, CA- “You just can’t argue with flawless Vulcan logic,” desperately stated Jonathan Cobb, the prosecutor assigned to the child pornography trial of Star Fleet Officer, Mr. Spock.

Prosecutors allege that Spock had dozens of files on the hard drive of his personal computer which can be considered, by the state of California, as child pornography. He was charged as part of a large “sting” operation involving multiple suspects.

Mr. Spock is the only suspect charged who has yet to be sentenced. Each time he has been brought up on charges, the prosecution has called for a mistrial on basis of his inhuman ability to reason.

“We just can’t sway the jury,” explained Cobb. “As soon as we have the Jury on our side, the defense calls Spock to the stand and he just unravels our whole argument. He never gets tripped up; this guy could argue his way out of anything.”

The details of the trial are being withheld from the media, but it is highly likely that Spock will walk out of the courtroom a free man.

Cobb pointed out, “As despicable as I think his actions were, he made a really logical argument and I can see it from his point of view.”