Saturday, April 5, 2008

Doubtful Girlfriend Gloats over Unfinished Cabinet

Welsboro, PA- A pile of dirty clothes sits atop nondescript wooden rectangle in a small apartment shared by Janet Griffin and her boyfriend Steve.

“I knew he wasn’t going to finish it. That’s what I told him when he started it.” Janet made this disdainful reference to the “would be” cabinet cluttering up the couple’s floor.

“He always starts things and never finishes them. I just wish he wouldn’t start so many projects.”

Steve had a different view of things.

“She never believes in anything I do. I used to have a problem finishing things, but I’ve grown, that’s not who I am anymore.” He claims that his failure to finish projects is the result of a destructive cycle. “Every time I start something, she tells me that I won’t finish it. Before I get a chance to do it, she jumps in and freaks out. It’s like she sets these impossible deadlines without telling me.”

Allegedly, Janet gives Steve plenty of time to finish his projects, but if she isn’t persistent, he gets lazy.

“I don’t care if he finishes the cabinet or not,” explained Griffin. “I’m just saying he should acknowledge that I was right.”

Friends and family of Janet and Steve suggest that this is a regular occurrence.

“This is just like the bird feeder,” noted Bill, Steve’s best friend. “And the spice rack, also that whole smart-house thing. I think he was going to build a boat or something a couple years back. That’s probably why they have all of that cut lumber in their garage.”