Thursday, April 17, 2008

Poll Shows Sneetches Divided in Obama/Clinton Race

As the Pennsylvania primary election approaches with the Indiana primary close behind, tension is growing between the candidates for Democratic Party Presidential nominee.

Just as other special interest groups have had a dramatic impact on delegate control the Sneetch vote will likely be the deciding factor in the closing months of the race. Experts have predicted that the Star bellied Sneetches, a group known for their conservative views, would vote for Senator Clinton; while Bare bellied Sneetches, a group primarily concerned with civil rights and economic equality, would vote for Senator Obama.

A recent poll by the Associated Press suggests that the issue isn’t as clear cut as anticipated. The poll shows Obama leading 52% over Clinton’s 45%; with a negligible percentage belonging to write-in candidate Sylvester McMonkey McBean.

Senator Obama’s controversial statements regarding “bitter” financially disenfranchised voters were expected to create dissent among Bare bellied Sneetch voters. The poll’s results suggest that the level of support for Obama remains unchanged among Bare bellies. Experts cite Senator Obama’s plea for racial tolerance as the reason for such devoted support.

Star bellied Sneetches seem to be more influenced by the candidates’ views regarding immigration and Capitol gains tax.

The Sneetches became a powerful voting body in the early 1960s when a massive immigration brought thousands of Sneetches to the U.S. in search of social equality. The movement has been called the “Star Rush” in reference to the stars imprinted on the bellies of some Sneetches. The star is the defining element in their complicated social caste system.

The Democratic Party sees the Sneetch vote as a pivotal tool in the upcoming Presidential election. The Party fears that nomination of “the wrong candidate” will push Sneetch votes to the Republican candidate.